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Picturesque Rhode Island.
By Wilfred H. Munro. (1881)

The preface of this 300-page book summarizes its scope and purpose:
"Picturesque Rhode Island is not meant to be a history of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations... Its object is to give in concise and simple form a picturesque account of the origin and growth of the several towns of the State, and to note the prominent features they now [in 1881] present to the eyes of those who look upon them. To accomplish this object, both pen and pencil have been employed. Brief sketches of the careers of men whose lives have been unusually noteworthy have been given, and many particulars, which, though interesting in themselves, would possibly be crowded by stern necessity from the chapters of a purely historical work, have found a place in its pages."

See the table of contents for this book for a listing chapters and illustrations.

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