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Mining and Ore-Dressing Machinery
...a comprehensive treatise dealing with the modern practice of winning both metalliferous and non-metalliferous minerals, including all the operations incidental thereto, and preparing the pocket for the market.

By Charles George Warnford Lock (1890)

This CD contains the page images and searchable text from an 1890 book describing the technology of the mining industry of that period. The 500-page book describes and illustrates all of the light and heavy machinery in use in the most progressive mines of late Victorian England and the world. The machinery includes all that required to generate and transmit power for mining operations and to support prospecting, quarrying, excavation, shaft-sinking, coal-cutting, pumping, ventilating, lighting, hauling and hoisting, transport, and the reduction and dressing of ores. The page images include 639 illustrations within the text, and over 40 pages of illustrated advertising by machinery manufacturers.


Chapter I. Motive Power.
Chapter II. Transmission of Power.
Chapter III. Quarrying.
Chapter IV. Prospecting Machinery.
Chapter V. Excavating Machinery.
Chapter VI. Shaft-Sinking Machinery.
Chapter VII. Coal-Cutting Machinery.
Chapter VIII. Pumping Machinery.
Chapter IX. Ventilating Machinery.
Chapter X. Lighting.
Chapter XI. Hauling and Hoisting Machinery.
Chapter XII. Transport.
Chapter XIII. Reducing Machinery.
Chapter XIV. Dressing Machinery.
Chapter XV. Miscellaneous.


Angle of windmill sails
Area of windmill sails
Governor for windmill
Turning contrivance for windmill
Velocity of sails
Overshot water-wheel, without head
Overshot water-wheel, with head
Water-wheel for varying volume
Slow breast wheel
Vortex turbine at bottom of fall
Vortex turbine, part of fall acting by suction
50-H.P. vortex turbine, with 276 ft. fall
60-H.P. vortex turbine, with 26 ft. fall..
300-H.P. vortex turbine, with 300 ft. fall
Girard turbine by Gilkes
Vertical turbine by J. & H. Gwynne
Horizontal turbine by J. & H. Gwynne
Girard turbines by Gunther
Jonval turbine with vertical shaft
Jonval turbine with horizontal shaft
Priestman’s oil engine
Splicing wire ropes
Pneumatic transmission of power
Electric transmission of power
Stone-quarrying machinery
Stone-polishing machinery
Priestman’s excavator
Priestman’s dredger
Hand-boring frame
Portions of hand-boring frame
Hand-boring tools
Machine-boring tools
Lever-boring machine
Lever-boring machine, steam worked
Boring tackle provided with steam winch
Automatic sampler
Scoop shovels
Drilling tools
Air compressor used at Rio Tinto
Compensating joint for air pipes
Water reservoirs on wheels
Blasting fuses
Magneto battery and fuse for blasting
Bornhardt’s electric firing machine
Davis’s magneto exploder
Blasting machines
Ladd’s frictional exploder
Gelatinous cartridge
Heath & Frost safety lamp
Multiple wedge
Miners’ shovels
Miners’ picks
Miners’ wedges
Ore dressing hammers
Hansa shaft
Details of walling, tubbing, and wedging cribs
Shaft-sinking at Zollern colliery
Shaft-sinking at Marsden colliery
Kind-Chaudron shaft-sinking tools
Lowering metal tubbing for shaft
Concreting shaft
Lippmann’s cutting tool
Sinking through quicksand
Winstanley & Barker’s coal-cutter
Baird’s coal-cutter
Gillot & Copley’s coal-cutter
Hurd & Simpson’s coal-cutter
Heating and expanding air for coal-cutter
Upheaving bottom coal
Firth’s coal-cutter
Carrett, Marshall, & Co.’s coal-cutter
Stanley’s coal-heading machine
Goolden’s electric coal-cutter
Goolden’s standard dynamo
Water skips
Water barrel
Pneumatic water barrel
Steam capstan for raising and lowering pump rods
Cornish pump
Cornish Pump body
Pump for varying level
Steam pump
Water wheel pump
Hydraulic system of draining mines
Methods of dealing with pumps during sinking
Davey’s adjustment for pumping engines
Water supply balance valve
Gwynne’s centrifugal pumps
Goolden electric dip pump
Ventilating box
Cornish duck engine
Water blast
Hand fan
Fabry’s wheel
Cooke’s ventilator
Guibal’s fan
Root’s blower
Hickie’s air-cooling apparatus
Davis’s self-acting anemometer
Shippey’s electric fan
Sheet-iron lamp
Brass lamp
Spider candlestick
Davy lamp
Stephenson’s lamp
Davis-Ashworth-Mueseler safety lamp
Marsaut safety lamp
Bonneted Marsaut safety lamp
Gwynne’s engine and dynamo
Mine waggons
Self-tipping waggons
Kerr, Stuart & Co.’s waggon
Dumping cradles
Frongoch skip
Cornish skips
Side-tipping arrangements
Improved chair and sleeper
Tramway junction
Sheaves and pulleys
Cornish shackles
Safety hooks
Winks, Cowling, & Hoskin’s automatic check for overwinding
Philips’s safety winding appliance
Pit-head framing
Horse whims
German horse whim
Cornish water whim
Harz water whim
Cornish system of steam winding from shallow shafts
Plan of South Duifryn Colliery
Hauling in South Duifryn Colliery
Arrangement of self-acting incline
Expansion gear
Fowler’s hydraulic loading and unloading
Ransome’s winding machinery
Ransome’s winding gear and frame
Hornsby’s arrangement of pumping and winding engines separate
Hornsby’s vertical winding and pumping engine
Hornsby’s geared winding engine
Whim engine and winding cage
Wild’s portable hauling and winding engine
Pair of Wild’s semi-portable hauling engines
Wire tramway by Bullivant & Co.
Details of Otto’s ropeway
Otto’s ropeway system
Robey’s ore breaker
Calvert & Co.’s ore breaker
Green’s ore breaker
Stamp battery in section
Details of foundations and frames
Stamp head
Shoe fastening
Tappet or collar
Stamp guides
Cam or wiper
McNeill’s cam
Stanford’s ore feeder
Tulloch’s ore feeder
Port Philip self-feeding hopper
Roller ore feeder
Hendy’s ore feeder
Cornish tin stamps
Husband’s pneumatic stamp
Pneumatic stamps
Harvey’s high-speed revolving stamps
Hornsby’s arrangement of gold mill
Hornsby’s gravitation stamp mill
Hornsby & Ogle’s mortar
Cornish crushing rolls
Rubber springs for rolls
Green’s crushing rolls
Krom’s system of crushing rolls
Huntington’s centrifugal roller mill
Details of Huntington mill
Arrangement of mill on Huntington system..
Edge runner mill
Globe mill
Jordan’s reducer
Jordan’s amalgamator
Arrangement of Jordan’s reducer and amalgamator
Hand-lever jigger
Rittinger’s jigger
Huet & Geyler jig
Clausthal jig
Collom’s jig
Frongoch jig
German pyramidal boxes or spitzkästen
Pointed box
Frongoch separator or classifier
Triangular double troughs or spitzlutten
Rittinger’s percussion table
End-shake percussion table
Rittinger’s rotating table
Convex or centre-head buddle
Concave huddle
Borlase’s buddle
Propeller knife buddle
Munday’s round buddle
Dodge’s concentrator
Duncan concentrator
Frue vanner
Halley’s percussion table
Hendy’s concentrator
Imlay concentrator
Keeve or tossing tub
McNeill’s concentrator
Self-acting slime frame
Stationary slime table
Green’s crushing and dressing machinery
Green’s 4-compartment self-acting jigger
Green’s trommel
Galena and blende dressing machinery at Sentein.
Classifying apparatus at Sentein
Dolly tub at Sentein
Classifying apparatus at Sentein
Commans’s dressing plant
Linkenbach buddle
Tipping cradle at Dowlais
Plated chain carrier
Marsaut washer
Sheppard’s washer
Dowlais washery
Bérard washer
Ebbw Vale washer
Luhrig’s coal washer
Luhrig’s fine coal jigger
Hutch and tumbler
Horse-shoe washer
Creeper at Barrow
Guinotte & Briart’s differential grid
Rigg’s hutches
Dry cleaning at Aidwarke Main
Roller delivery
Screening and washing at Flimby
Screen and kepper
Bell & Ramsay washer at Robin Hood
Bell’s washer
Coppee washer at Cwm-Avon
Sheppard washer
Robinson washer
Double indicator
Signalling arrangement
Signalling arrangement
Electric bell
Davis’s clinometer
Louis’s Davis clinometer
Mining dial
Legs with tribrach adjustment
Stanley’s prismatic dial
Stanley’s mine staff
Mining survey lamp
Harling’s theodolite
Portable anemometer



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