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Charles Scott Haley's
  Gold Placers of California.

This BookWebCD includes the page images and searchable text of two government reports: 

 California State Mining Bureau's Bulletin No. 92 (1923)
Gold Placers of California

and excerpts from the
United States Geological Survey's Bulletin No. 507 (1912)

The Mining Districts of the Western United States

Gold Placers of California, by Charles Scott Haley, was written in the prosperous early 1920s.  Hopes persisted that private corporations would construct substantial dams on the Yuba, Bear, and American Rivers to trap both heavy and light sediments, and allow the resumption of hydraulic mining.  

Gold Placers... includes chapters on:

  • control of mining debris,

  • placer mining methods, and

  • the location and extent of the principal gold placers.

It also provides a four-color map showing the distribution of California's gold gravels, and a geologic chart pertinent to the origins of the gold-bearing gravels. 

excerpts from The Mining Districts of the Western United States include the introduction, the chapter on northern California, and the maps locating mining districts and railroads in thirteen states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas (western part), Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.


Below are thumbnails of eight representative pages from the reports.

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