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Books memorabilia, and maps on CD puts hard-to-find public-domain books and maps onto CD-ROM for use on PCs.  We scan pre-1923 books, maps, and memorabilia, and then make the page and map images accessible as HTML webs, for review using your internet browser.  We call this format the BookWebCDWe convert the text of each book to digital format for easy searching.  The page images are available for your personal use in jpeg format.  

Please note: The CDs are not in Acrobat® format, and are not recommended for Macintosh®  or other operating systems. Internet Explorer® version 4.0 or later is recommended.

Some CDs are collections of items related to a subject, and some multi-volume books require multiple CDs.  

Pricing and Payment

Our CDs are generally priced at $12.00 each, with a few at $9.00 (plus sales tax, if mailed to a California zip code).  We have a flat-rate packaging and shipping cost of $3.00 on all orders in the USA and Canada.  (Buyers outside the USA and Canada -- email your order list and mailing address, and we will provide a total purchase price adjusted for your shipping costs.)  There are discounted prices for some sets of CDs.

We prefer payment on-line via PayPal, but also accept personal checks (with a 10-day shipping delay) or money orders (with no shipping delay). 

Overseas Shipping

Buyers outside the USA and Canada -- You may either:
1) email us your order list and mailing address, and we will respond with a total purchase price adjusted for your shipping costs; OR
2) submit your order via PayPal, and we will send you a supplemental PayPal invoice for the extra shipping charge.

Sale of Source Books and Engravings

The source books and maps we purchase to scan are frequently unbound, which reduces the effort required to scan them. We sell both bound and unbound titles after we have completed scanning, at prices which reflect their condition. Soon, our Books & Engravings section will offer complete books and individual steel lithographs and wood cuts from unbound copies.

Contact Us with Questions and Suggestions

Please contact us at if you have:

  • questions on our products, 

  • recommended improvements to this website, or 

  • items that you would like to see on CD-ROM.

Retail Sales and Service to Museum Gift Shops

We offer our CDs through a growing number of retailers, including:

  • commercial bookstores

  • specialty retailers (such as gold mining equipment suppliers)

  • museum and historical society gift shops.

We also recommend our CDs as premiums for membership and sponsorship drives for museums, libraries, historical societies, and other clubs. 

We give substantial discounts on large orders of BookWebCDs for resale, or for use as membership premiums.

Please contact us at if your business or organization may wish to sell or distribute our CDs.  

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